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Within every community there are people with dreams, talents, and ideas that can help re-write the story of their community, we like to refer to these special people as “hidden heroes.” Often, there are barriers holding them back. These barriers take different forms in different places and can include lack of resources, lack of education, poverty, relational division, or spiritual emptiness. When someone is activated into their full potential, the possibilities are limitless.

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One of our core callings is to empower “Hidden Heroes.” Our strategy is to collaborate with these Hidden Heroes and help work toward accomplishing HEART goals together.


We have a burden to help others “think global” and develop a heart for this world. We understand the importance of culture and how to interact with different cultures without forcing an agenda or operating out of our own mind set. We desire to train others so we all play a humble part in the greater story that is being written.


There are many individuals and organizations who have the potential to bring world changing solutions and reach out to others in love. As we do strategic community assessments in communities with our Hidden Heroes, we help connect and bring along these individuals and organizations to be a part of the transformation story.

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These HEART goals provide a foundation for how we achieve our purpose of empowering hidden heroes through strategic assessments and collaboration.

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